Nutritious Milk Drink Passion Fruit flavored

• NUTRITIOUS MILK DRINK is pasteurized milk. Very nutritious, the milk is naturally fermented at the same time with 2 yeasts from Europe: S.thermophilus and L.bulgaricus.
• NUTRITIOUS MILK DRINK is supplied with nutrition, malt from barley, minerals and natural vitamin with high content such as Calcium100g, Vitamin A 90Mg, Vitamin D31, Mg,…
• Provide abundant energy, help increase resistance for intestine, stimulate better digestion and help have stable development of bones




 Nutrition Values
Energy184 ± 18 kcalProvide energy Boost immune system
Dairy Protein2.7 ± 0.2 gImprove Nutrient Absorption Higher biological value compared to meat and soya protein Highly digestible with specialized enzymes.
Simple Lipids13 ± 1.3 gMaintaining a sustaining and high-level energy without causing obesity Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Can replace other complex lipids Balance nutrition between protein and lipids
Carbohydrates14 ± 1.4 gProvide energy Maintain focus
Calcium120 ± 24 mgHigh source of calcium Essential for strong bones and teeth. Foundation for normal muscle and nerve functioning

Shelf-life: 04 months after manufacturing date

Storage: Keep refrigerated from 4 to 12°C

Pack weight: 110ml

Carton box weight: 5.28 Kg

Packaging: 48 bottles/carton

For both adults and children above 6 months old.  Provide alternative energy of fresh milk, especially for people suffering dyspepsia and indigestion from drinking fresh milk

Take 1 - 2 cups per day, recommended after a meal