Kid Yogurt Strawberry Flavored

Kid Yogurt is fermented from 2 probiotics in the infant's digestive tract so it's really good for the digestion of young children. Besides, it also helps to against pathogenic bacteria, boosts the growth of other beneficial bacteria, enhances the immunity.

Kid Yogurt is a superior product, provides enough energy, vitamin B, calcium and nutrients for consumers, especially children.

Nutrition Information includes 100g




 Nutrition Values
Energy184 ± 18 kcalProvide energy Boost immune system
Dairy Protein2.7 ± 0.2 gImprove Nutrient Absorption Higher biological value compared to meat and soya protein Highly digestible with specialized enzymes.
Simple Lipids13 ± 1.3 gMaintaining a sustaining and high-level energy without causing obesity Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Can replace other complex lipids Balance nutrition between protein and lipids
Carbohydrates14 ± 1.4 gProvide energy Maintain focus
Calcium120 ± 24 mgHigh source of calcium Essential for strong bones and teeth. Foundation for normal muscle and nerve functioning

Shelf-life: 10 months after manufacturing date

Storage: Keep refrigerated from 4 to 12°C

Pack weight: 55g

Carton box weight: 2.64 Kg

Packaging: 48 cups/carton

For both adults and children above 6 months old.  Provide alternative energy of fresh milk, especially for people suffering dyspepsia and indigestion from drinking fresh milk

Take 1 - 2 cups per day, recommended after a meal